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6 Weeks to go

Just 6 weeks to go until the Super League starts. Still awaiting some team names.

Bowls Lancashire Super League 2021 - List of Teams

Team Devils - L Rimmer, P Rogers, M Oliver, J Higham

The Outlaws- A Atkinson, S Goulding, N wright, L Yates

The Pumas- D Lockhart, D Catterall, B Marsden, M Ellis

Team 4 - A Whitehouse, G Booth, D Taylor, P Pentecost

Team Storm - D Murray, M Joyce, B Smith, C Fletcher

The Wolves - J Parkinson,S Cowie,T Pentecost,A Short

The Warriors -R Stirling, C Catterall, P Laundon, K Sheridan

Team 8 G Niven, J Adamson, A Wilson, B Hill

The Gorilla’s - M Gale, C Yates, L Payne, H Rice

The Cheetah’s L Noon,J Benvie,R Burns, A Spencer

Team Lightning- B Toner, A Hill, K Heeks, C Smith

Team - 12 S Brady, T Morten, P Smyth, J Rossiter

Komodo Dragons- S Rimmer, M Parker, G Fletcher, E Benvie

Team Venom - C Gale, S watts, K Baxter, D Wilson

West Coast Thunder- 15 N Williams, S Hemsley, A Herd, M Adamson

The Wanderer’s - A Booth-Young, G Ellis, H Neilly, M Smith

The Bears-I Mayne, J Muldoon, G Hinsley, P Watts

Team 18 J Lockhart, B Marshall, D Shorts, P Neilly

Good Luck everyone.

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