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Alsop Trophy Team

The team to represent Bowls Lancashire against Bowls Cumbria on Saturday 3rd July in the Alsop Trophy

Venue Courtfield Bowling Club ,Back River Street , Carlisle CA1 2AL

1 L Payne, M Falkner , H Neilly , B Toner

2 K Baker , P Latimore , L Noon , P Rodgers

3 J Adamson , P Smythe , J Muldoon ,D Murray

4 M Parker, P Jensen, K Hayes , S Hemsley

5 P Crummy, G Ellis , S Brady , S Goulding

6 T Clarity , K Heeks , C Yates, M Joyce .

Reserves ( no particular order ) N Wright , P Yardley ,

Travelling Reserve J Benvie

Report by 12.30 for a 1 pm start

Dress County Shirts , white trousers or shorts

There will be no food provided

If unavailable let John Benvie as soon as possible

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