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CANCELLED - Alsop v Yorkshire

The Alsop game against Yorkshire has been cancelled. A Bolton player has Covid and as a consequence a significant number of players are self isolating. We are entering a critical part of the competitive season and we want to avoid further disruption due to covid

The team selected is as follows

Alsop Trophy Lancashire v Yorkshire on Saturday 24th July 2021 at Bolton FGBC Start 2pm

1 J Adamson , B Wilson , P Crummy , S Goulding

2 L Payne , M Faulkner , H Neilly , B Toner

3 N Wright , K Baker , L Noon , P Rodgers

4 G Ellis , D Latyimore , M Parker , S Hemsley

5 M Oliver , P Jensen , C Yates , D Murray

6 T Flaherty ,S Cowie , K Heeks , K Hayes

Reserves ( No particular order) K Hopper , J Benvie ,P Smythe.

Please Note :

1. Report please by 1.15pm .

2. Please come changed so that Yorkshire players can use the changing rooms

3. There will be no buffet although hot and cold drinks will be available .The bar will be open

4. Please advise John Benvie if you are unable to play

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