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Bolton Open Grand Final

Well we now have our finalist’s for the Bolton Open Pairs event.

Group 1

A1 A Foulds / A Jones

B1 G Prunty / P Kane JNR

C1 I Mayne / C Gale

D1 M Jenkins / J Prunty

E1 M Warnes / J Wells

F1 D Wilson / A Atkinson

Group 2

A2 R Stirling / B Smith

B2 R Morgan / M Riches

C2 G Niven / P Rogers

D2 B Davidson / J Fleming SNR

E2 G Hinsley / D Murray

F2 K Chan / J Parkinson

The finals will consistent of a round robin basis.

Each team will play the other 5 teams in their group, each game will be 2 sets of 4 ends with a one end shout out if needed.

0.5 points for a tied set

1 point for a set won

2 points for overall win

The winners of each group will compete in the final, if there is a tie between two sides the winner of the game between the two sides will go through. If three or more teams end up with the same score, the team with the highest total number of shots scored will go through.

The next 2 highest scores will be declared the semi finalists.

Please come down to see some amazing talent on show and to support the host club.

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