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Competition Entries 2022

Dear Members

Well it’s that’s time again where you all need to start thinking about what you would like to enter for next years season in regards to County/National competitions.

It’s still not been announced as to whether the new formats we have seen this year are here to stay, or whether we will see the more traditional formats return. Please bare in mind Bowls England have never said at any point the new formats are here to stay and the nationwide survey is still being looked into.

However, either way, we as a county need to be prepared on time to get the entries submitted. It’s still being discusses about getting the multiple qualifiers back, but this really is going to be a tough one for us as a very small county. The only way we can help our cause is by continuing to support these crucial events and get the entries numbers up each year. Last year saw a 6% rise in entries for the Men’s Singles and Pairs which is fantastic but we still need to improve especially in the Ladies events as they are dwindling fast.

You can find the electronic and printable versions of the 2022 County Entry Forms on the County Website, select competitions enter the password and then you will see the entry form tab.

I will also get your Club Reps to print out the printable version and post them on your club notice boards for ease.

DEADLINE IS 30th December 2021

Stay safe


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